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I have to write an essay on flowers for algernon…..HELP!?

Alright i need to know what u think. Is the surgery good or bad? i read the book is it bad because of charlie or as is it good for society as a whole since he figured out what the mistakes were. Give me 6 quotes with thier page numbers and your thesis and make up your mind one way or the other.My grampa died and i need help cause i didnt have much time to do this so help please if your a nice person.

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  1. largiri says:

    Rent the movie “Charlie” and you can get a good idea of what is in the book.Otherwise, maybe folks in “Homework Help” section can answer.And the surgery is bad, of course. I read the book but I don’t own it anymore.

  2. gapeworm says:

    Sorry i dont have quotes but i think that the surgery was a good thing because it helped them realize thier mistakes. However, I think that they should have left algernon longer to see if anything happened to him.