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Odysseus traits?

I have to write a 4 paragraph essay on the odyssey. the first paragraph covers the introduction, THE SECOND AND THIRD PARAGRAPHS COVER CHARACTER TRAITS, and the last paagraph is the conclusion. I need to choose two of the nine character traits of Odysseus listed below.physical strengthmntal quicknessbraveryrespect for the godsleadership abilitiesperseverancefairnesshonesty self-controlWhich two traits of Odysseus should I pick. I need 3 examples for each trait and 2 subexamples under them for when he displayed those traits in HOmer's the Odyssey. please provide examples with the traits. thanks for your help

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  1. purfling says:

    if u choose the one thats named best answer its wrong because the trojan horse wasnt even in the odyssey it was in the one that starts with a L and that one is about the war Report Abuse

  2. exfiltration says:

    do youe own homework. google it or read the Odyssey. Its really good.

  3. spratter says:

    ooo, I absolutely hated the Odyssey, I had to do a ton of projects, a couple of them were on this subject actually- I’d do mental quickness– think of the cyclopes, ‘my name is nobhdy’, and the Trojan horseSelf Control:he didn’t kill all Penelope’s suitors right away, he waited until the moment was right.Leadership abilities:He was king of Ithaca– that counts for somethingHe commanded an army in the Trojan WarHe commanded his team or whatever on the 20 year journey back to Ithaca (even though he was the only one that lived)Hope it helps….

  4. Barrington says:

    self controlleadership abilities