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Legalization of marijuana essay?

i need some help with my persuasive essay..what are some other reasons that i can back up with evidence why marijuana should be legalized? this is all i have :Flower PowerWhy is a plant that has never been proven to be harmful, illegal? Three significant reasons America should legalize Marijuana is because it can be used for pharmaceutical reasons ,One reason we should legalize marijuana is because it has some medical benefits, for example,"The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy asked the Institute of Medicine (IOM) to review the scientific evidence and assess the potential health benefits and risks of marijuana, The IOM report, Marijuana and Medicine: Assessing the Science Base, released in March 1999,found that marijuana's active components are potentially effective in treating pain, nausea and vomiting, AIDS-related loss of appetite, and other symptoms and should be tested rigorously in clinical trials". (Benson, Janet, Stanley). This shows that in small amounts Marijuana isn’t hurtful but actually beneficial to our health and that can prevent some medical problems.If it can help with things like this why not legalize it to help those in pain?Although at one point in our lives we had the idea that marijuana is dangerous and not good for you, since it is a drug, we realise that marijuana is beneficial in many aspects.

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    when you write an essay, you shoudld have an introduction, body, and a conclusion.IntroPain and suffering is part of human life. Many times we can develop terminal conditions where we might need something to ease our pain. This is where marijuana plays its vital role. Conditions such as cancer, aids, or some other life threatening condition might require use of marijuana. See do you see how to put essay together

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    You really want to legalize weed?