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PLEASE HELP WITH MY WORLD HISTORY. I am so stupid when it comes to this subject :(?

1.What are economies like in the newly independent countries of Latin America?Once completed, use your research to compare and contrast one of these movements to the French Revolution in a classic 5 paragraph essay format. You should follow the guidelines of your essay rubric for completion, including a clear thesis as well as facts and analysis to back your opinion.I want to compare Mexico and the French Revolution but i dont know where to start :( Please help!

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  1. nilghau says:

    I assume you are talking about Mexican independence from Spain, yes? The revolutions of Hidalgo, Morelos, and Iturbide? If so, I don’t think you need to talk about the economies after the Revolutions. I’m guessing that is a separate question from the essay question. I think the essay question is just asking you to compare the French Revolution with one Latin American revolution (i.e. Mexico). You should write one paragraph comparing the causes of the two revolutions, one paragraph comparing the leaders of the revolutions, and one paragraph comparing the actual events of the revolutions. The results of the two revolutions are very complicated and do not lend themselves to a quick comparison in a short 5 paragraph essay (although I suppose you could briefly talk about how both ended up as dictatorships, comparing Napoleon and Iturbide on a very surface level). So review your notes and textbook and start writing down examples from the three categories I just told you. The rest should be easy.

  2. inked says:

    First place to start: Mexico had two revolutions. One was independence from Spain. I don’t remember when that was. Google it. The second was overthrow of the emperor Maximilian (1865 or so; Cinco de Mayo and all that) You have to look at both and see what you are going to compare.The French revolution was 1789. That was the overthrow of the French king and the establishment of a republic. That is like the Mexican war of independence from Spain and the king of Spain. It is also like the overthrow of Maximilian. Louis XVI was a hereditary monarch like Maximilian of Mexico or the king of Spain.I do not know what is the classic five-paragraph format. You will haveto look that up and use it.