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Please read my essay?

Turning points repeatedly all the time in history. Throughout history there were major turning points. For example when the Christians captured the Holy Land in the crusades they only had it for 50 years then, the turning point took place, the Muslim army recaptured the Holy Land. Another example is when emperor Constantine adopted Christianity for the Roman Empire. When the Christians of Eastern Europe captured the Holy Land, Jerusalem it was only controlled for 50 years. This was a turning point because Pope Urban decided to start the crusades and did not fail to capture the Holy Land. But, 50 years after the capture of Jerusalem the turning point took place, the Muslims recaptured Jerusalem and the Roman Catholics fought for 200 years to recapture it. This changed the course in history because if the Christians controlled the Holy Land for even longer, Christianity may have spread throughout the rest of the Middle East and possibly into Africa and Asia. Another important turning point in history is when the Roman Emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the Roman religion. This was important because Christians were being killed for not practicing the Greek-like Roman religion. After many years of the slaughtering of Christians, Constantine decided to adopt Christianity for Rome. If Constantine did not adopt the Christian religion then Christianity may have eventually "died out" because his succeeding emperors may not have adopted Christianity or made it legal. Or, Christianity would be different from it is today because there would not be Roman Catholic religion and, the Great Schism may have never took place in history. When Rome became a Christian Empire, it greatly changed history in Europe and the whole world. This turning point is one of the most important turning points in history. Turning points took place numerous times throughout history. These turning points in history were important because they affected Christianity and shaped it to what Christianity is today. These two turning points were two of the most important turning points in Europe’s history.

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    OK, so I’ve read your essay. It’s not great, by any means. Is it supposed to be about “turning points” or is it a history of Christianity, or both?Apart from the opening 2 sentences, the first paragraph is redundant, since the information is repeated afterwards. This first sentence is nonsense, anyway.You’ve haven’t mentioned the historical circumstances surrounding the Crusades or the adoption of Christianity by the Roman Empire.Try not to use the same word / phrase repeatedly within a few words, as with “turning points” and “Christianity” in the last paragraph.

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    Its great!

  3. Echium says:

    Well written… You have a lot of skills my friend