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Please help me in gcse essay !?

can you write essy with no to complecated words but detailed essay that last 3 -4 minutes while reading you expalne the interest on any topic like video games or latest technologyexplane its history, place of intrest of the particular thing.and you oppinons on that intrest.please it my hole gcse i am not good at english.>_<

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  1. utilitarian says:

    NO! Do it yourself people arent that stupid 2 write you an essay. Do a brainstorm of all the points and then highlight the main points you want to explain. Such as your opinions:What are your opinionsWhy?e.g I like visiting the beach with my friends because its a great social thing to do.SIMPLE!

  2. pretenseful says:

    You must do this yourself.Go to library and look up about it.Or a General Knowledge BookOr an EncyclopediaExplane should be = explainIntrest should = interesthole should be = whole (hole means a hole in the ground)Good luck, try hard. Your English is coming along very well.

  3. nonmarket says:

    Firstly…there’s a big difference between asking for help and asking people to actually do the thing for you.Secondly…you might not be great at English mate, but learn how to spell explain.Thirdly…I’m not sure I entirely understand what the essay is supposed to be about.Edit – oh hang on…you want somebody to talk about why video games are great and explain how they got to where they are? Wikipedia it.

  4. Aphodius says:

    Not for 10 points I won’t. Write it yourself

  5. oesophagi says:

    If you aren’t very good t your written communication, thats fine and you cant help that. but i think it would be more benneficial to you in the long run if you try to do it yourself. make a first attempt at it, and then if you are struggling ask for help; ask somebody to help you structure your ideas or to help you with your wording. you will learn from it.there is no point at all in asking us to do your essay for you, even though you are obviously concerned about failing your gcse. pick a topic that you are interested in, and it will be easier for you to say things about it.if you try, your english will improve, and you will have earnt a gcse from your own merit. Whats more, dont put yourself down by saying ‘don’t use too big words’. This is obviously incase the teacher suspects it wasn’t your work. Try to use big words yourself, and find out what they mean. You may surprise yourself.Maybe, to help you get started you could find similar essays to use as a structure guide.

  6. tormentilla says:

    No examing board I know gives you a “hole” GCSE for one 3-4 minute essay that you have been able to ask somebody else to write for you!There is usually some kind of exam or a practical in exam conditions somewhere along the way. If it is 100% course work then you’ll need a lot more than one essay and your tutor will be able to tell if you have written it.