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Why should Miley Cyrus be fired from Disney?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEEEEEE give me accurate/serious answers becasue I'm going to write an essay about this.

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  1. serbiae says:

    she is a terrorist

  2. wintrys says:

    She shouldn’t. She’s a good singer, and the pictures released were nothing offensive.

  3. MILLICENT says:

    Just cause everyone makes mistakes doesn’t mean Everyone needs to forgive those mistakes.Her pictorial in Vanity Fair is completely opposite of what her fans saw her as and being the father of a 10 year old I don’t think the choice of photo’s were appropriate. Both her agent and parents are taking advantage of her celebrity. And now Parents are going to TRY to keep their children away .Which is why Disney will now try to distance themselves from her.

  4. elhamy says:

    I think she should be fired from disney becase of the ”VANITY FAIR” pictures. Also becase of those other pictures on photobucket.Though she also shouldn’t be fired.She is a teenager,fifteen to be exact.Teenagers make mistakes that is how dumb they are.So,it’s kind of both request.

  5. ticketer says:

    I think that Miley Cyrus has made a few mistakes. The pictures for Vanity Fair were supposed to be artistic, and I do believe the press blew the whole thing out of proportion. However, I think that Miley should have realized that the pics were too grown-up for a Disney star to do. Report Abuse

  6. mencken says:

    There should be no reason at all to fire Miley. The Vanity Fair thing seems bad because the media is stressing it out! This was supposed to be an artistic photo shoot, but it turned out ugly with the media lurking about. Miley shouldn’t be fired at all!

  7. palaeothalamus says:

    Miley Cyrus is not a good role model, which is what Disney has been trying to endorse for 15 years. She has no talent either. They shouldn’t have hired her in the first place. And I think we all know she’s had an affair with at least two of the Jonas brothers.UPDATE: Obviously, we have a Hannah Montana/jb fan here! Who else would give me a thumbs down? :)

  8. switchel says:

    Disney has always tried to keep a Clean Image of itself and everything she is doing is making herself look indecent and it was inappropriate for her to take pictures with her bra showing and laying on a guy’s lap and such. I don’t think the Vanity Fair pictures would have been that much of a big deal if pictures of her doing ‘inappropriate things’ hadn’t been leaked. Disney has always tried to keep a clean record of itself especially with being a little girl’s dream type of thing and Disney doesn’t want to be a represented with someone like Miley.

  9. Psychodidae says:

    yes, she is being inapporpriate, this is no way to act when she is an inspirtation to many girls all over the world.

  10. skyjack says:

    Because everybody hates Hannah Montana.If you’re going to give the the TD (thumbs down,) then by all means, go ahead.

  11. dulcy says:

    Because she had no talent to begin with,and now she’s just running around taking skanky pics with everyone.

  12. cheeley says:

    1) She thinks way to much of herself- her songs are only about her2) She already takes inappropriate pics of herself 3)Doesn’t act very Disney!- talks bad about other actresses. She’s full of herself, Sets bad examples to kids who look up to her(IDK why they do!)