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History of Rock And Roll course Writing Assignment! How would you answer this?

The writing assignment given to us is :"Before you started this course on the history of rock and roll, you had an idea of what rock was and how it differs from the other music you listen to. In a one- page essay, describe what you believe makes rock rock and not jazz, pop, classical, or country music. Also describe what overarching concepts you think someone is supposed to learn in a humanities course like this one and what it has in common with the courses listed in the readings found in the Lecture. Include your opinion and why you agree or disagree with the idea that rock and roll rightfully stands next to the traditional art forms of Western Europe (classical music) and the United States (jazz). "I just can't seem to figure out how to answer it. I don't expect anyone to give me a "one page essay" response. And I understand what we're suppose to write about, so I don't need a response that explains the assignment. I need help with what to write; I'm total going blank... :

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  1. veterinarian's says:

    I probably can’t help, but you have a class on the history of rock? YOU ARE SOO LUCKY!how old are you? Is this a college course? tell meee!

  2. neuroclonic says:

    rock was a natural “branching out”of the more uniform sounds of the blues and the delta blues and to a lesser extent jazz so i feel that rock is nothing more that the “bad boy”of music.it was also less constraining and more free to roam and it shows in the early forms of rock which include buddy holly,elvis,chuck berry.where as classicial,jazz i feel have to follow a set of guide lines from the likes of Beethoven,mozart,list.

  3. seminudity says:

    jazz uses a variety of dominant seventh, and minor chords. therefore, the tonality is different. also, rock is distorted and uses mainly major and simple minor (dorian, melodic/aeolian etc.) chords and has a distorted setting, therefore, having a heavier sound overall. They also favor the use of the blues and pentatonic scales while soloing and use major 5th patterns to determine their chord progressions. classical music contains multiple time signature, dynamic, and chord changes, while most rock is repetitive in a sense and has a different song structure. (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, outro OR ababcbd.)this is actually a really bad prompt cause your teacher obviously didn’t take into affect the diversity of the terms rock, jazz, etc. right off the bat, i can think of about 20 different subgenres of rock that have different tonalities, distortion settings, and harmonizing. same goes with jazz. you can either have smooth, trad, blues, ragtime, funk, etc.

  4. decembrist says:

    It’s a three part question the first and third parts seem straightforward to me:1) What is Rock – why is different from other genres?3) Do you think rock and roll is an art form of the same standing as Classical and jazz?So just give your opinion.The middle bit is weirder – I’ve never formally studied the humanities – but surely the course outline talks about what your meant to get out of the course.Good luck!