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Please help me write a poem details are here?

have this English essay which the teacher gave us a poem about a man who wrote about how not to trust women and how they are not honest. She has set us the essay of writing how useless men are. I am really stuck.About how men are not honest and trust and any thing you want really but it has to be WITTY.Please help Witty funny poem about how useless men are.Thank you so much.]It has to rhyme

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  1. decor says:

    Are men useless I hear you sayto which the answer is no waytho men can’t cook,sew or knitthey can knock up a wall in a tickMend a tap,change a fusesort out the washing machine and the loo’ssweep the snow from the pathgrout the tiles around the bathYes men aren’t useless like women sayfor they work hard and bring home the pay.Rupert Hornbeam. Poet to the masses

  2. yehudi says:

    I used to think that men were great I’ve change my mind a lot of late Can’t fix the car or mend a fuseAt football they seem to looseSpend too much time in the pub Too much beer too much grubWaistlines growing by the day Some of them are even gaySmelly socks and hair a messSimply don’t know how to dressThey think they have sex appealCan’t wash up or make a meal.Kisses sweeter than wine My word that is quite a lineEgos growing day by day Men have far too much to sayOne cough or cold think they’re dyingDon’t tell the truth always lyingA bit of a disaster that’s for sure All in all they’re quite a bore