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Can you please look over my paper for any suggestions?

i had to write an AP Euro world history essay on why the industrial revolution occured in England. do not be rude but if you see anything that i need to correct or make better simply let me know. thanks ahead of timeTanner Jones January 14, 2012Block 4Why did the Industrial Revolution begin in England? In the 1700’s an abrupt increase in machine made products, also known as the Industrial Revolution, took place throughout England. The Industrial Revolution was initiated by Englands great textile industry and continued to thrive due to the geography, thought process, and innovations that England withheld. The Geography of England was a huge factor in the support of the Industrial revolution. England had an abundance of natural resources found near the surface throughout the country. The two main natural resources that made an impact were coal and iron (Doc 1). Coal was used to power steam engines and locomotives of the industrial revolution. Iron was used to make bridges, and railroads which made transportation of manufactured goods fairly simple. No part of England was further than 70 miles from the sea which made transporting manufactured goods even simpler (Doc 4). England had sheep that produced some of the worlds best wool for the textile industry (Doc 4). It housed the worlds largest city, London, and the worlds largest free trade market. This alone increased the demand for manufactured goods, but on top of that England had no tariffs or tolls which supported the expansion of industrialization throughout England (Doc 9). England’s citizens also had a very motivated thought process which made the task of industrialization much easier and more productive. When factories were made with the use of machines they required less employees. This meant that only a few employees would work at a factory but the would have increased wages. Many people left the secure jobs that they held and risked finding a spot somewhere in the industrial economy because of the increase in pay (doc 2). The citizens took this risk because they wanted to make money, and as you made money you could rise socially. With the increase of wealth, people wanted to spend there money on manufactured goods to show the world that they were wealthy. The few amount of employees hired at factories called for a way to produce mass amount of products with few people. The people used a method called division of labor where there might only ten men working in a factory but they perform two or three specialized operations (Doc 3). This scientific thought of the English was a main cause of the industrial revolution. It called for innovative thinking that led to more effecient ways of carrying out work that needed to be done(Doc 5). The innovations that the English were creating to advance industrialization was only made possible by the fact that they housed some of the smartest and most motivated people in the world. England, being the world leader in the textile industry, developed machinery that increased the production rate of textiles. The most famous of these machines are known to be the flying shuttle, spinning jenny, water frame, power Looms, and the cotton gin (Doc 6). These machines called for new machines to keep up with amount of goods they were producing which in turn led to industrialization. Not only was the Industrial Revolution dealing with manufactured goods but it also deal with agricultural advancements. The inventions that boosted the agriculture revolution were the horse drawn seen drill, stock breeding, and the mechanical reaper (Doc 7). Also in large part of the agricultural revolution many of the farming methods came to help England be known for its farming. These methods such as: enclosure, crop rotation, the growth of turnips, clover, and rye grass, and the country being divided into large farms, played a major role in showing the world how great England was(Doc 8). The industrial revolution of the 1700’s was a major turning point in the world, possibly the second most important besides the Neolithic Revolution. If it was not for this revolution we may still be paying hundreds of dollars for handmade goods that only cost a fraction of the price when mass produced. Thanks to the Geography, thought process, and innovations of the English, they were able to create and support this revolution which has changed the world forever.

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