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What is interesting to write about in a historical event essay?

I have to write a story about a significant event, showing that I'm at the event. but first I have to find a picture to write from. Anyone have interesting ideas?

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  1. yuvonne says:

    War is good, a little trite but there are so many places, because war basically defines history. (greco-roman era, mideval era, crimenian, conquests (colonialization), any of the world wars, korea, indochina (vietnam) something along the lines) Simple and easy to read and write about. Something else, some epic event of the last century, kitty hawk, rise of the third reich, bolshevik revolution, connection of the transcontinetal railroad, pompeii, san fransisco earth quake. Hope I helped…

  2. BRUNO says:

    Yes. The assassination of John F. Kennedy. There should be lots of pictures & information about that.