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Anyone know of site where i can post my college essay or just a regular essay and have people critic it?

Im writing a mock college essay and would like for someone to tell me what is wrong with it or how to improve it and need a website

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  1. dreeing says:

    Have you ever been on sparknotes? I know, sounds stupid, but there is this editor on there, called Miss Marm. You send her an email and attach your essay and she’ll edit it. She’s edited everything from poems to college essays. I have personally sent my own essay to her. She gives her opinions, corrects mistakes and explains WHY they’re a mistake. She also gives advice. [external link] …read that article. It explains what she does and it puts her email in there. Just make sure to be polite, explain what you need. She is the reason why I did so well on a very important essay. The best thing ever, she’s a proffesional. She knows her stuff.

  2. irrepair says:

    Mychances.netmake an account and at the top it says “Essays” in the drop down menu, it shows Rate essays, and submit an essay.In your case, you would click submit an essay..once you write an essay, it will be open to the public to rate it from 1 to 10 on different categories (vocabulary, details, etc.) This website also shows you the “percentage” of a chance you have at different universities.