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So..i need help! like now!?

okay so i had this teacher last year. and this girl i knew started roumers about her. im friends with her and she's really nice. but last year my friend and i told the teacher that this girl(that im friiends with now) started the roumers. and this year the girl wrote a note to the teacher! saying that she only started a little bit of the rumors and now im nervous that the teacher doesn't like me and my friend anymore. cause like we were kinda close with this teacher. and she was really young so she was easy to talk to if you had a problom..and like i had to write an essay and then like to support the topic i told her the only personal experience i had. what if she is mad at me what can she do with that! please help! ASAP!

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  1. Achomawi says:

    Starting rumors is a form of betrayal. I think the teacher learned a valuable lesson – don’t get too close to your students.

  2. tekmate says:

    Don’t worry too much about it, your teacher may be young, but she IS an adult. If you like her, keep liking her and don’t change your actions one bit. You can prove your friendship and keep her trust. If she shows true signs of distress, ask her if she’s mad, and tell her what you know about how those rumors started. I’m pretty sure she trusts you over your friend, anyway.