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Degree choices? Help form current IB students or Graduates?

So I'm a 16 yo guy and I'm hoping to apply and get into Oxford and Durham next year (I mean academic year of 2014) and I'm having a bit of a dilemma. I'm stuck between Engineering (Aeronautical), Law (Contract and Criminal) and Business/Finance. Currently, I'm studying Maths, English, History, Italian, Latin and Physics in the IB Diploma. I chose mainly essay based subjects because I thought I was only going to apply for Law. However, now I've reevaluated my choices and Business and Finance need Maths (which I'm only taking at Standard Level) and Engineering needs Physics and Maths at Higher Level (Maths I'm doing SL, Physics I'm doing HL). But let's say I meet all the requirements. I still don't know which one to choose. Should I do the Engineering course and then the 1 year Law course and the a postgrad business and Finance degree? I only have this dilemma because I am passionate about Law, but I also want to start a business that I need Engineering and Finance skills for. SO MUCH TO DO! SO LITTLE TIME!Thanks in Advance.

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