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Can any one help me with an essay regarding a stroke patient?

I have to do an essay i dont want to much help just a guiding hand if possible:Basically john has been in respite care,He has been home and is back again in respite care,i need to answer this question:• Assessment process described of johnAdditional Detailsjohn was in respite care went home and is back in respite care to give his wife some time to relax.

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  1. bathochromatic says:

    I am not sure what it is that you are asking….an assessment would be to see what John is capable of doing on his own..can he dress, shower, walk, talk, eat or does he need help with all the things..is he getting any better over time, has he improved from the time that it happened…..once he was home was there any futher improvement or did he decline…..A stroke affects on side of the body..depending on the severity of the stroke the person may not be able to use arm, hand, or leg. This making taking care of ones self impossible. The caretaker(John’s wife) will have to help with all the activities of daily living. Activities of daily living ( ADL’S ) is a term often used with stroke patients they include but are not limited to…bathing, brushing teeth and hair, dressing, putting on and tying shoes, feeding, and bathroom needs… after a stroke the patient usually goes into a rehabilitation center that will help the pateint to recover some use of the affected side. This includes exercising to strengthen the muscles learning to walk, speak, swallow..etc… and ways to do things for yourself differently than they did before having a stroke. After returning home it can be very hard on the family as now you have to take care of ( in this case her husband ) who before the stroke took care of himself. Now the wife is doing the things that one would to if you had a baby..helping them to relearn everything. Now with John you don’t say how bad he was so I am assuming that if he is going back into care to give his wife a break then it was a severe stroke. Emotionally this is devastating the man who before the stroke is now the man that you have to do everything for..think about having to feed, dress, bathe, change adult diapers..trying to make sure that her husband gets up and moves or does home therapy with him and making sure that he doesn’t lay in bed in one position for to long which can result in bed sores never being able to leave him alone it takes all your time and just wears you down…taking care of your husband who is no longer able to care for himself is emotionally as well as physically demanding….hope this gives you some info if there is something definte that you want to know email and I will answer you questions…