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Help with politics question/congress question?

My teacher assigned us an essay, and I am struggling with the answer(s), especially since she didn't provide any ideas/hints. The question is: Why do Republican lawmakers work only for the rich? The only obvious answer I can come up with is money. What are some other reasons other than money?

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  1. myriameter says:

    your teacher actually told you Republicans only work for the rich?! And the NEA claims their only agenda is the children! yeah right! Republicans in Congress work for their constituents, ALL of them!

  2. rhizomatous says:


  3. radians says:

    They dont. Your teacher is a liberal idiot. Write an essay on the liberal assault on America and turn it into her instead. Then you can:1. Watch her head explode2. Sue the school when she gives you a bad grade.

  4. bade says:

    Republicans lawmakers work for me and I am not rich, tell her libsticker says the represent the working people that are not on the government dole like she is. It is a short essay.

  5. suberic says:

    First your teacher is a MORON, that said, Republicans work for all the people that elected them. they want the people to better themselves WITHOUT the government getting in the way. It is like give a man a fish and he eats for a day BUT teach that same man to fish and he eats for a life time. Which would you rater be? If you want to be given that fish then you are a democrat BUT if you want to learn how to fish then you are a republican.If you really want to piss your teacher off tell her you joined the NRA (National Rifle Association) that should get her panties in a bunch lolAdn id she is telling you this stuff then she needs to be fired and I hope that she is in a district that has burned through all the obozo money and she will lose her job.

  6. geminix says:

    if you want to be a mind controlled failure believe everything your nut teacher tells you!

  7. speiskobalt says:

    The question assumes that’s a fact. So forget trying to prove something that’s not true. Just try to understand what Republicans do work for and answer the question that way.

  8. baccarat says:

    Why did your teacher assign you to write an essay based on a false assumption?