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Legalizing marijuana? help with an essay… give you’re opinion? please…?

hi. i am writting a research paper about why we should legalize marijuana, my thesis statment is :marijuana shoud be legalized because it cost lots of money to prevent people from using it, adults should have the right to use it or not, the effects are greatly exxagerated, and there are many great uses for it in the medical field. will you tell me you're opinion on these topics? and anywhere i could get information supporting my idea?thanks much [:

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  1. besieged says:

    go for it. alcohol and cigarettes have claimed far more lives than weed ever will. however the risk of cancer is still there.. they just happen to be our nation’s drug of choice.. look up actual credible studies on the effects of marijuana, dangers, etc. site sources. make it as mature as possible.look up research on how it’s non chemically addictive.. unlike alcohol and tobacco.. however (liek anything enjoyable) can become psychologically addictive.it wont be harder to regulate. people can still make alcohol and cigarettes from scratch. its just illegal to sell without a license. not much change there if they make weed legal.

  2. koslowr says:

    There is nothing like first hand experience.

  3. swelchie says:

    I feel that marijuana could be a great help in the medical field, and that it should absolutely be legal there. As far as legalising it to the public, this I disagree with. It is very similar [if not worse] with tobacco, and we’re trying to eliminate tobacco from our society today with laws. Even if it’s exagerated, marijuana is still an addictive drug, and it should only be used for necessary things, like medical purposes.

  4. arkanas says:

    the leading legalization website is http://www.norml.orgi think legalization is a legit debate right now. it seems financially smart but its also a slippery slope argument because once weed is legal what is next? shrooms? coke? also take into account what the ghetto weed dealers will do once there jobs dissapppear with legalization. will they move on to dealing harder drugs or violent crime? one great quote i love is from the beatles, i dont know the exact words but its something like, “people like to smoke pot, there not criminals because of it.” that quote is so true in my opinion… also legalization is very realistic in the near future. look whats goin on in cali… i think it happened yesterday [external link] …

  5. Walden says:

    If I were your teacher, I’d give you an F.

  6. subproduct says:

    My major concern for Marijuana being so illegal is the amount of incarcerations the system deals with. It is a major waste of time, money and resources. I would really focus on this factor and stress major regulation of the drug with lower legal action for possession. Do not forget that we do have many legalized drugs and should choose which ones should be fought against and which ones should be managed. If it is legalized how legalized should it be. Drugs are drugs and all have downfalls. Black, white and in between . . . .Great paper have fun!