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Why are children physically more active than adolescents and adults?

I know this sounds a stupid question.But I am writing an essay,and I'm looking for a better idea to express the following:Louise and Mary were already starting to feel 'the weight of the years', and they didn't like to exercise.Perhaps, by 'weight of the years', one could think that Louise and Mary were old ladies, but in fact, they were 19 year olds. Anyway, they didn't like to exercise at all.One of them used to say that when she was younger, she enjoyed it, but not with her age by then.No wonder, since children can't stay still for a long time...

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  1. clouring says:

    I think it’s all about hormones. Children just want to have fun exploretheir surrounding, when they reach about 12-13 hormones change interests change they start to get lazier life is all about image n themselves. About 17-18 life is about making money needing to provide for urself. Also ur upbringing how u prseive life That’s my opinion but everyone is different.

  2. refbill says:

    Children don’t talk, they shout. They don’t walk, they run. This can happen because of more than one cause: 1. Their “engines” are new, they haven’t lost any of the horse powers that they were endowed with. Not yet. 2. Their lack of experience. They don’t know how to preserve energy for more important things. 3. Children don’t have important things to do, even though getting what they want is very important to them. All they have to do is to ask until the parents give in. 4. The tiniest the being, the faster the way it moves. Take a look at an ant walking and then at an elephant running. You’ll see the difference.

  3. Ancona says:

    I’m seventeen and I have as much energy as i did when i was 5. I believe we are conditiomed not to be so curious, energetic, not to run, not to play, because your parents will say “you’re nearly an adult, stop being such a child “… And to the child they say “stop being such a baby” and kids will tease you and say “you’re just big baby hahaha”Adults play paintball, everyone loves paintball. We don’t lose energy, it’s conditioned upon us. [external link] …