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Best Pink Floyd song to do my English essay on?

We have to write an essay analyzing a song we choose and write about the elements of the lyrics and how the mood of the music works together to create the overall effect. I want to do Floyd because they are hands down my favorite band. I know all their songs but I just can't choose one. I would like some help. I need one with great lyrics and preferably a lot of imagery, consonance, and that kind of stuff. I was thinking Hey You since thats my second favorite Pink Floyd song (right behind Careful With That Axe Eugene, which only has 5 or 6 spoken words) or I was thinking Comfortably Numb would be good too. I would appreciate your opinions, thanks!

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    Echoes would probably be the easiest to write a lot on it has lyrics and changes in mood several times throughout the song.Atom Heart Mother is also like a musical story but with no lyrics. Alan’s Psychedelic breakfast is another musical story.

  3. unplacably says:

    My favorite Pink Floyd song is comfortably numb & if I was writing this paper, that’s the song I would choose. If I had to pick any other it would be Hey You. Good luck with your paper. I’m sure it will come out great. Pink Floyd is a great band so I’m sure your paper will be better than most. There songs aren’t like anything you hear today.

  4. lvarind says:

    Welcome to the Machine.