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Im writing an essay on non-violence as a tactic, what could some possible titles be?

I'm writing an essay on non violence and civil disobedience and how it worked in india with ghandi, the civil rights, womens rights, etc. But how it didnt work in south africa and the anti-apartheid movement (well at first anyways). What are some clever, witty or just any good title i could have for a 15 page essay. Any suggestion helps GREATLY. thanks! :)

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  1. oomycetous says:

    1. Non Violence – The Wimps Way Of Life2. Ask Yourself “What Would Jesus Do” 3. GET THE **** BACK IN THE KITCHEN

  2. yarm says:

    Did it work in India, civil rights in USA and female emancipation in UK were hardly peaceful.titles. “Is there a Better Way” “How not to do it” “We overcame, eventually”

  3. coenogamete says:

    1. I’m a hippie fag.2. No violence, It gets us killed.3. Wanna get taken over by Russia? I sure do!

  4. eclectist says:

    “Quiet Subversion in the Shadow of Control”"Lessons in Civil Disobedience”"Resistance of Power, Peacefully”"Taking a Stand Against Tyranny” (..that one might not be so good)

  5. secrect says:

    In one PeaceThe Good of Civil Disobedience.Civil Disobedience: Teaching the old dog new tricks

  6. XTeXcad says:

    “Civil Disobedience – How it Works, and When it Doesn’t”