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Can 1 region of the country have a different interpretation of science than other regions?

It's an essay question on the test and I have no clue how to answer it. Please help me and it would be very appreciated if you explain why. Thanks!

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  1. spadefuls says:

    Yes it can. It is a part of the history of the US: The great scientist CHARLES DARWIN wrote in 1859 a book titled “On the Origin of Species”.To many fundamentalists it was an insult of the bible and there were many processes,the first one in 1925,when Tennessee legislature outlawed the teaching of evolution.(By the way,there was a screen version after the furious debates,starring the unforgotten Spencer Tracey.I do not remember the title.) But EVEN today in many federal states it is still a controversial debate on DARWIN’S scientific finding. What a plump way to reduced the theoryto the stupid question “Are we really stemming directly from apes?” – which was never ever what DARWIN wrote. I will send you a net address of THESE DAYS NEWS od the topic which shows that debating has not ceased yet,but fundamentalism succeeded in some federal states to change the statement on that topic towards into a more “relative” truth presentedas “one of different theories”you can believe or not. See more at this address I wrote in two lines to make sure it reaches you) [external link] ((templates) /story.story.php?storyId=4630737 [[ (Id for Identif./HySt,sender]]There you will find the different regulations in different states of the USA, still today!Good luck in your essay!HySt2812