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Could someone please check my essay! I need help on word choice. So, if u have any suggestions, please tell me?

Technology can be bad: jobs, money, and malfunctions. Technology is not a good idea when one talks about jobs because that would mean more people getting fired. Therefore, the economy of the country would plunge down and become a second or third world country. Also, it would be expensive. It would be expensive because the amount of wires, heart-drives, mother-boards, etc….would cost more than ten people’s pay checks. One other bad thing about technology is that it can malfunction at anytime, which is bad because that means the consumer’s would be extremely upset for not getting their products. For example, a robot is packing a box. All of a sudden, the robot stops or starts throwing it. Then, the people who run the factory will be in big trouble, but also, embarrassed because their customer will not get what they ordered. Another example would be when one sends an e-mail. In one situation, he or she might accidentally send an e-mail to the wrong person, which can lead to good and bad things. For example, in my school, everyone is allowed to send e-mails to the whole school. One day, someone transmits an e-mail talking about buying the school t-shirt. Then, someone e-mails back, and he or she says, "I would like one medium." The effect of that would be people sending e-mails back to everyone saying, "Stop!" It’s bad because it clogs everyone’s e-mail. Those are some ways technology can be bad. In my opinion, technology can be both good and bad because it will always get better. It’s good because without technology the world would not be where it is, today. Technology has brought many great ideas to many scholars and normal, everyday people. There are many websites that help with learning, help with taxes, and much more. The bad thing about the cyber space is it can be hacked by hackers who want other people’s information to use for bad reasons. As said earlier, robots can be good and bad at factories. One good thing about this: people who run the business will be flourished with more money, but the bad thing is their will not be many jobs for people, which means bad economy. Also, robots can be pricy. Another reason technology can be good and bad, is through homework and additional projects for school and other places. The good thing is one can research about everyone he or she needs for his or her project. The bad thing is figuring out what site is good to use. One way to find good resources is using sites that end in education. These websites are like books. Therefore, technology will always have its up’s and down’s, but it can always make people’s lives easier. these are my other 2 body paragraphsany suggestions with words please!

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  1. ratite says:

    Paragraph 1-sentence 2 -Technology is not the best idea…sentence 3 -Therefore, the economy rates of our country would plummet and we would become a second or third world country.sentence 5 -…than ten average people’s pay checks.sentence 6-Another bad thing…..consumers..product(s)sentence 7-..a robot is packing a box, when all of a sudden..Paragraph 2-sentence 1-…good and bad. (next sentence)sentence 3-Technology brought a countless amount of wonderful ideas to all sorts of different people.sentence 4-..that can help with so many things, such as, learning, taxes (ect.)sentence 7-one good thing about this is that…sentence 14-..have it’s ups and it’s downs, but, typically, it can always make some peoples lives a little easier.And just wondering but isn’t this cheating?

  2. ranford says:

    Start with a question! Always start with a question to catch the readers attention :)