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How do I start an essay?

I have to do an essay, essay will be about how because of the internet I lost my job. People were buying items from the internet and not from the I worked at. So now the store is closed and I'm out of a job. I need about 2-3 sentences to start. Once I start I have no problem. First 2-3 sentences are the toughest part.

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  1. liessen says:

    well first what i would do is eat. then i will flush my system of what i just ate.then i will sit at the computer and instead of going on yahoo, ill begin my essay. ill start off with a sentence and continue with another. of you want the essay to really catch someone attention dump it with lots of nouns and adjectives and sprinkle some pronouns here and there. well thats just the start, you will have to figure the rest on your own…. GOOD LUCK!

  2. sprigged says:

    once upon a time in……………………..

  3. geister says:

    You gotta find that hook to get people reading.

  4. darling says:

    Explain how face to face customer sales and customer support is better than dealing with someone on a large conglomerate (company). Than go on to say how good your “people skills” are. Explain how online customer support doesn’t hold a candle to the “old fashion” support that there used to be. Good luck!

  5. fucoids says:

    oh man ur dumb

  6. coproductions says:

    Just start writing… you can edit things out and add things in later. The easiest way to start is to work on the body of the paper first. Then, go through and pick out the most important parts and use them to make your intro. Don’t try to start with 2 or 3 intro sentences… a blank page can be scary! Just start writing.

  7. greasers says:

    “There are countless reasons why the internet is a wonderful invention. It connects people to information, friends and relatives, and it can even connect cultures. However, an aspect of the internet can be positive to one person and negative to another. An example of this is internet shopping. Internet shopping brought convenience to billions of consumers all across the world. Yet, along with this convenience comes layoffs, store closures, and damage to local economies.” here’s a start to your introductory paragraph. next you need to write your thesis and then you can start on your first supporting paragraph.

  8. embarring says:

    start off with a hook something that will attract the readersomething bout internet-friend or foe?i dont know im trying to write my own essay lol good luck :)

  9. reformatories says:

    The Internet has revolutionized the way societies work. However, it has damaged some people’s lives in the process. I have been one of the victims of the internet, by losing my job.or something like that

  10. weakness's says:

    “My friends tell me the Internet is a great thing. E-mail helps them keep in touch. They can find information on anything and everything. They even find jobs using it. And that’s the irony. I’m sitting here at home because I lost my job. I lost it to the Internet.”

  11. Pirene says:

    However much the internet cninues to beiniit our socity, it also causes much harm. The ever growing amount of econmic or industry related transactions held online is greatly affecting the business occuring in stores. Because of this many people are lossing there jobs [check employment rates if its loer put in] even companys are shuting down….