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Will i get into SUNY Bing and SUNY Stony Brook?

i know nothing is definite but i would just like an overall look as to if i may get into Bing.I am currently in my Junior year of high school.-i have a 93 un-weighted average and a 96 weighted average-i got a 1750 on my SAT without studying but it will most likely got to to 1900+ when i take it in May this year.- I currently have around 50 hours of hospital volunteer work, most likely will increase over this summer.- i have work experience at my uncles store-I am a Sunday School teacher-I have a 2nd degree black belt, going to karate for over 10 years ( Most likely what my college essay will be focused on)-I am in the red cross club, seekers club ( religious club), and fbla ( future business leaders of America)-i have been in advanced/ ap classes my entire high school carrer (Except Math)-Will have taken 7 ap's by next year. I already took ap world and got a 4, taking ap US and ap Lang this year.Just as a side note. My average may down down a point considering i am taking very hard ap classes this year. Including ap bio,ap us, and ap lang.

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  1. megalosauroid says:

    Both schools are growing more competitive each year. Stony Brook is definite and Bing is likely, but get your SAT up a bit (mid-600s) to be absolutely sure. Best of luck!

  2. jmfreed says:

    Your GPA will be re-calculated – just the academic courses and those on a 4.0 scale.AP is used for HS class ranking but nothing else. I suggest that you drop APUSH – it will eat up too much time with no real benefit to you.Here is a summary of the middle 50% of those admitted to SUNY-B last year: [external link] …It is not a lock but you look pretty good for it. Stony Brook is a good backup – have one more just in case.