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Can I get into University of California, Santa Barbara?

weighted UC GPA is: 4.0835 unweighted UC GPA is 3.75ACT Composite Score: 29Spanish SAT score: 600Biology SAT score: 590U.S History SAT score: 720I am a part of ELC - top 4%My AP/Honors classes altogether:AP Spanish Language (3)AP U.S History (4)AP Biology (3)English 3 HonorsAP Spanish LiteratureAP GovernmentPhysics HonorsEnglish 4 APEC's:CSF (California Scholarship Fed.) (2 years) - received seal on transcriptJSA (Junior Statesmen of America) - (2 years)Math League (2 years)Rising Stars Tutorial Program - 2 years and 10 hours of community service)Volunteered at local hospital approx. 150 hoursSpanish Language Award*I also applied for a 6 weeks/40hours a week, summer Biology Cancer Research Program at Stanford - hoping to get in.My essays are very good. I've already started them. I think they make me stand out from other applicants -- others who have read believe too.

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  1. virgules says:

    Can you? – yes you have a shot. Will you? I read a post from someone with even better marks than yours that got rejected. They were rejected from other UC’s and Cal ploy as well. So apply by all means apply but have back up choices.ThanksBill