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For a macbook pro what is a good software for me to do my school work it for example essays?

im a sophmore in high school and have to do alot of typing and printing any ideas on good softwares?

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  1. obturated says:

    The three best choices:– iWork (Pages)– Microsoft Office (Word)– NeoOfficeAny of these can create word processing documents of the form “Essay.DOC” and that is the standard for 99.99% of people. There are small differences between then for some specialized tasks such as tables, charts, and other embedded objects, but that’s a whole long explanation and none of the three are perfect.For ease of use and intuitive processes, I would choose iWork. For 100% compliance with Windows users dealing with embedded objects, I would choose MS Office / Word. For budget, it has to be NeoOffice, since it is free.You can buy Pages separately through the App Store for $19.99. Click the App Store icon on the Dock.

  2. kupferma says:

    If you want something free, try Libre Office, Neo Office or AbiWord.