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Please can you check my essay about health issues Thanks all?

1. "Prevention is better than cure". Out of a country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? (Cambridge IELTS 2) A lot of economists claim that it would more economical for the state if its citizens were healthier and did not suffer from serious diseases. That's why the government should pay due consideration to enlightening people about leading healthy lifestyles. For example, a lot of health-oriented programs have been launched over the last ten years in the Russian Federation. They encourage people to live healthy lives. These programs are supported and funded by the governments. Top-level scientists in the field of medicine explain all repercussions causes by smoking, drinking spirits, overeating, eating junk food and so on. According to the statistics, since the launch of these programs expenditures on health care have gone down considerably. The other way of encouraging people to live healthy lives is newspapers and social advertisements. It has been proved by scientists that there is a link between cancer and smoking. People who do not smoke less suffer from cancer less . For example, recently there have been an experiment. Two hundred people addicted to smoking were offered to watch a social advertisement about smoking during for two weeks. This social advertisement contained harrowing videos and photos showing the effect of smoking on people's bodies. After the experiment almost four fifths of testees gave up smoking. Moreover, schools are going to have compulsory health in the curriculum. To summarize, the population is the main reason of existence for any state. A healthy population can be describes as a driving force of the economy. The more people are healthy the more money will be saved and can be spent on other aspects of life. Taking into consideration the above facts the government certainly should allocate some money to educate the public about the consequences of having unhealthy habits.

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    Generally when you answer a “to what extent” question, you also have to put forward some arguments from the other side.