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i need help with my essay. can some1 please check it !?!?!?!? Europe had geographic luck. Wheat and barley became the civilizations main food source. Animals were penned and Europeans didn’t need to hunt anymore. Also, Europe had amazing shape to help create a civilization. European civilization had geographic luck by having good farming lands, animals that were easily domesticated, and Europe's shape and location to help the animals and plants. Wheat and barley naturally grew easily in Europe which helped civilization grow. They grew between the trees in the Middle east. These two crops were easier to grow than any other crop they had. Wheat and barley was easy to harvest and easy to store. To help create a stronger and better crop, the farmers would pick the healthiest and biggest plants to improve the yield of future crops. This method let the people have enough food for a long period of time. This provided a good alternative food source that was less time consuming than hunting. Also, these crops could be stored and utilized when needed. This aloud the population to use there time better to improve there civilization. Animals that could be domesticated and easily herded were naturally found in Europe also. This was a big advantage to the Europeans. They didn’t have to hunt all day just for a very little amount of food. The Europeans would be able to go out to the pens and access the food and products that they needed. There were very few different spices of animals that could be domesticated. Breeds of domestic goat, sheep, cattle, pigs and domestic fowl are the basis for most of the world's agricultural animal food production.They were used for meat, dairy, cloths, burden, and many more reasons. Luckily, Europe’s latitude and shape were perfect for building a civilization. Europe ran from east to west. The climate usually stayed the same on the same latitude so as civilization grew they could keep the same crops and animals. As the middle east became a desert early farmers could reestablish their crops and animals by simply moving west. By having very similar climate through out Europe, it made it easy to expand. The newly improved way to farm and domesticate animals spread across the continent quickly. All these things In conclusion, European civilization had geographic luck by having naturally grown crops, animals that were penned, and Europe's climate, shape, and latitude to help farming. thank you so much!

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  1. inconvertibleness says:

    Just by glancing, and I know this may not help too much, but you may want to not say Geographic Luck so much. Try rephrasing it by saying were geographically lucky, or had good luck thanks to their geography. : ) Good luck!

  2. Needham says:

    Your essay seems good, although I’m not a geography teacher.Couple things:Combine sentences! You have a lot of sentences that you could merge into a single sentence. If you did this, your essay would not sound quite as choppy and abrupt. For instance, in the second and third sentences you could merge them into:While wheat and barely became the civilization’s main food source, the animals were penned which eliminated the European’s need to hunt.Otherwise, it seems good except for some typos. Remember ‘there’ is actually ‘their’ when referring to something belonged by someone else. “Over there” is different from “their dog” or “their house”. Also, I’m guessing “There were very few different spices of animals that could be domesticated” is supposed to be ‘species’ not ‘spices’. Good luck!