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How to stand out when applying to nursing school?

I did poorly in high school (C student-2.0 gpa) and just started my first year at community college. I'm hoping to transfer to a nursing program in the next year or two. I know how you did in high school is a big part of the decision, and I'm worried I will not be accepted. Are there any other ways to make yourself stand out when you have bad grades? Also what should i write about in the essay on the application (why nursing?)

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  1. gerontophilia says:

    volunteer for community service, they love seeing stuff like that on an application. Also it helps if you are getting good grades in college currently. Write your essay about how you love helping people and how rewarding it is for you. Good luck

  2. usr/Tex says:

    You need to get good grades. Volunteering doesn’t count for that much.