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Oedipus Rex the King makes no sense. Try to disprove my argument.?

This is the better part of a short essay I had to write for school... and well, the entire story of Oedipus just seems ludicrous at this point.-----------Despite Oedipus becoming a successful leader, he was apparently doomed from the moment he left his mother. Jocasta’s fear of the prophecy was exactly what made it come true. Had she not left the baby for dead, the baby never would have grown up under the false impression that he was with his biological parents, and the entire situation could have been avoided very easily.Simply put, Apollo lucked out. The entire weight of his prophecy was hinged on the hope that Jocasta would shun logic because of the sheer horror of what the prophecy foretold. Had Oedipus been raised under his real parents, the bloodlines would be clear as day and the "prophecy" would have fallen to irrelevancy. The only other logical way the prediction could have come true was if Oedipus was born mentally unstable with a fetish for relatives. But then of course his mother knows of the foretelling and would not have wed Oedipus, evidenced by the fact that she was so disgusted when she first heard it as to attempt to murder her own child, and then hang herself in the eventual reveal.---------------basically, the story makes no sense and the only real moral i see here is that "God" is mean

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  1. charases says:

    Oedipus was doomed from the moment of his birth.The whole point of the story is that no man can avoid his Fate, and that fate is decided by the gods.It has nothing to do with whether the individual is Good or Bad, deserving or undeserving of what happens – it’s already been decided in advance by the gods,and there’s nothing anyone can do to change that.In this context,the whole story makes perfect sense.The wider analogy is that everyone dies eventually, so the Fate of Man is that,even before he is born, he is doomed to die, this being (in the Ancient Greek worldview) the will of the Gods.Again, in this context the story of Oedipus makes perfect sense.