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Anyone know any books about fear and anxiety?

hi, In school i have to write an essay about anything that interests me.and i chose to do mine about fear, what causes fear,phobias, ect.but my teacher won't let anybody write their essay without having at least 3 books about their topic because he doesnt want us to use the internet for everything. But i looked on the internet for books and checked my library. anyone know any books about Fear or Anxiety?itt would help me ALOOTTthanks : )

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  1. schmatz says:

    here is a good book about anxiety sensitivity. This is thought of as the trait underlying or predisposing to the development of anxiety disorders [external link] …

  2. underborn says:

    [external link] is a good site that has some books on the subject. I hope this helps a little. I also found going to the local library and looking in the physician journals on the subject helped me when I was writing my papers in school.