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Looking for a good laptop?

I'm looking for a good laptop, the budget doesn't matter as long as the notebook isn't overpriced, i want a laptop that is good for gaming, research essays, and watching movies on preferably one including a mike and cam. Any suggestions on where i could get one? details please, price everything thanks!

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  1. monaxonic says:

    Dell make reasonably priced laptops with impressive specs:I recommend the XPS M1530.Great for games (has a 8600M GT graphics card)Has a webcam and stereo mic.Does everything else too (web, docs etc) [external link] …

  2. sdobrev says:

    I’d recommend you get a used (windows xp) laptop.You could always add a webcam, usb wifi adaptor (if its not installed/integrated), mic and speakers will be already on it.Mics (dollar stores sell ‘em cheap)USB wifi adapters (tigerdirect.com for USA, tigerdirect.ca & factorydirect.ca for Canada)Webcams (factorydirect, tigerdirect).Don’t forget, the laptop can be Upgraded to the MAX of everything (RAM, HDD).You can also install linux on it and enjoy the feeling of a free operating system besides windows.This is the best advice i could give. You’ll save ALLOT of money. You’ll avoid the bloated pre-installed software. Vista only restricts you from doing anything (once its gotten to know your habits and computer).Badvista.org (via free software foundation website)defectivebydesign.org or .com (info about vista, drm)Just make sure the laptop is XP certified and that linux runs on it also.PS. Don’t get microsoft office, get openoffice.org (open source, free office suite, 100% MS office compatible).

  3. galah says:

    [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …

  4. mccully says:

    check out dell there pretty good. I have one and am about to get another one from them from the XPS range for gaming.