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I need help with an Ancient History Assignment please someone!?

For my Ancient History assignment I have to write a 1000 word essay on Mark Antony and Octavian and their conflicts.It seems relatively ok considering they formed the second triumvirate but there is just so much information and I'm finding it rather hard to put it all together to create my essay. I've so far written my introduction just saying that my three main points are on Octavian (Augustus), the next one has to be on the conflict between him and Mark Antony (this is what I'm struggling with) and his political career/success (which I'm also struggling with). Can someone please just give me a few dot-points/examples of what to write?

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  1. foreseeable says:

    You might want to think, at least, about the following points:1 Caesar defeated Pompeius Magnus. To whom did Pompeius’ former supporters go, and why?2 Where, geographically speaking, did Ocatavianus and MA raise their forces, and why?3 Who were their allies, and why? Which parts of society and the body politic sided with whom?4 Where did they each get the money from to create a major army?5 Which one more urgently needed to have the question of the succession resolved, and why?

  2. cataphoretic says:

    try loooking at marc anthony , and cleopatra , it is a similiar format ! lol jim

  3. lutrana says:

    It’s not the best practice to start your essay from the introduction. Try to outline it. For example:1. Why did Marc Antony and Octavian become enemies? What role did Cleopatra play in this conflict?2. How Octavian won the war? What battles he defeated?3. Why did Octavian kill Mark Antony?After answering these questions you sure will have no problem to write introduction & conclusion, and – voila! –you have a nice 5-paragraph essay.Good luck!BTW, try sCoolWork at scoolwork.com – this online paper writing tool provides a good search system for history information.