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PLEASEEEEE HELP you have no idea how much i need help right now!?

Write an essay examining the continued expansion of the federal government beginning with the Progressive Era until the present day. In your essay, you will want to include how Progressives understood and changed the American government. You will need to consider the differing visions for the U.S. government of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Discuss how the Red Scare and the civil rights movement of the 1950’s shaped and highlighted the debate about the growth of the federal government. In addition, be sure to thoroughly document the growing division between New Deal Democrats and the New Right Republicans over the issue of the federal government’s role in American life.

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    WE don’t need to consider anything! You do!

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    I think you should do your own homework and don’t wait until the last minute next time

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    so what is your question. im all for helping people with their homework when they are really stuck, but you basically wrote out the entire assignment. Google each of the people and events listed in the prompt and organize the facts. make sure you don’t plagerize and cite your sources.