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Psychology homework question?

2 essay and what seem like a million Pysch questions later, my brain is shutting down on me. Could anyone help with these last couple Psyh questions? They just aren't clicking with me, and I'm not even sure what they mean.1. Would suicide bombing be more likely in an individualist or a collective culture?2. Given that culture is invisible to it's participants, what revthe seldom discussed ideals and values in American culture that encourage young men and women to voluntarily sign up to go to war, but not to become suicide bombers?

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  1. bistipular says:

    1. Collectivist: they would consider what they were doing to be for the greater good of the country, whereas in an individualist culture they wouldn’t see the point if they got nothing out of it, they would be dead. 2. I don’t live in america, so I can’t help there, sorry!