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Does my straight best friend like me?

Ok we've been best friends for a couple of years now. Even before I came out to her as gay(both girls). So before I came out to my best friend as gay, she use to be very flirty with me. Like touch my leg at random times, hug me like crazy and all of that. And honesty at first it was weird for me because a girl never acted this way with me. After a while I started doing the same back because that's how we just acted with each other. We would always hug, say we love each other, feed each other food, matching clothes. Sometimes I even felt like we were in a relationship. Then About a year ago I came out to myself as actually being gay. And a few months ago I came out to her as gay. She's cool with it and we are still close. But now I've noticed that these "flirty" things we used to have are kinda weird now. I mean, we still do some of those flirty things but it is now confusing me. Like sometimes when I talk about a girl or something she gets jealous. Or when she sees me playing around with another close friend who's a girl, she gets jealous/stops talking to me for a while. If I am looking at another girl do something cute and she sees me liking that, she says "I can do that too you know."Now why am I confused you ask? Well, all of this confuses me because she's always been straight. Shes always liked guys. And right now she likes a guy and she always talks about him to me and always says how cute he is and yata yata. She has told me that she is straight..but the way she acts with me just confuses me cause she doesn't act that way with other girls because Shes straight. Can she just secretly curious or bi? Or am I just confusing this for something else? Ah so confused! Sorry for the long essay kind of question xD but any opinions will totally help! Oh and I know some people will say to test the waters with her. I've been trying that lately. Everything seems to lead to jealousy or flirting or to nothing. So it confuses me more!

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  1. ships's says:

    tell her your bi or tell her to stop

  2. unresistantly says:

    It seems she may like you. If you like her say to her I may have some feelings with you but I don’t know because I’m kind of confused. You can also ask why as of lately she gets jealous when you look at other girls.