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ok im suppose to type a comparison and contrast or cause and effect rhetorical stragety and write an essay on a topic of my choice. what is rhetorical stragety and anybody have any ideas on what i can write about?

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  1. superscribed says:

    From the information you’ve given, the rhetorical strategy is, either the cause and effect or the comparison and contrast. A comparison and contrast essay would consist of two separate things to which you compare similarities and contrast the differences. An example would be, apples and oranges are both fruit, grow on trees that have blossoms. Apples are softer than oranges, grow in colder climates and have different textures. A cause and effect essay states a cause for example, Rosa Parks’ refusal to give up her seat to a white person on a Montgomery Alabama bus lead to the Montgomery bus boycott, the introduction of Martin Luther King to the Civil Rights movement, and inspired the entire Civil Rights movement. Find something your interested in and then pick the rhetorical strategy that best fits your topic.

  2. jantina says:

    what type of essay?i did NOT understad thatidk whAT THAT EVEN IS!