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How to find energy to re-write a lost final paper?

My final essay of the semester was due this morning, and I spent 3 days writing the bulk of the paper non-stop (worked for like 34 hours straight thanks to my espresso maker). I was using Microsoft Office Word 2007 and pasting the bibliography when it froze and shut down. I never technically closed Word to save the changes, just left it open the whole time to have quicker access while writing. So now nor Word or other recovery systems can find it and I'm having to start again.How do you find the energy and determination to write the same paper again, as good as it was? Please help :(((

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  1. gallanting says:

    You don’t have to close the program to save. All you have to do is press 2 buttons to save it.Honestly, I couldn’t find the will to turn it in. You MAJORLY messed up. How could you work on a paper for 3 days and not save it once? Are you an adult student that is not used to working with computers or something?Now you know to save every hour or so in the future. Let this be a learning moment.

  2. rifleries says:

    It’s conceivable you did that,how foolish!what you do is just click “file” and then save.then the program is saved!I think you have little knowledge about word.before you use it,I suggest you read some help text.this will hepl you very much!wish you “good good study,day day up”