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Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ,i really need help?

i have got this topic for y essay-Astronaumical Observation from space compared to a low earth orbitting observatory i.e.a satellite......plz help me with some good links and some good points.........thank u.

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  1. bitmapb says:

    LOE is pretty much in space, although it is protected by earth’s magnetic field, make observations in certain wavelengths better. Outside the magnetic field, solar wind and solar radiation become a problem.Check wikipedia on low earth orbit and space observations.

  2. spinosodentate says:

    You should email the astronomer that answers questions on here. she was helping me with how to become an astronomer/astronomy careers essay!and she is helping me find deep sky objects i can’t find. her website is here [external link] her when it’s due ! It helped me.her website is awesome actually! i like it!

  3. periaxonal says:

    go to nasa’s website..they may have something useful