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Statistics and studying psychology?

Hi thereI'm interested in returning to university (I've already got a degree in humanities but no psychology) and studying psych, but I'm concerned about my ability to do statistics. I've always been just average at maths and science (though I did psychology in my final year of high school and got a high grade, higher than all my others), so I'm concerned about whether I'll handle stats. I really just want to help people through therapy. I live in a country (Australia) that doesn't have the PsyD, so I would have to do a mix of research and clinical work..So I've got two questions:1. Am I crazy to think that I can do psychology and not have to engage a whole lot with statistics but rather focus more on therapy?2. Are you, or do you know anyone, who was primarily a humanities student but successfully did a psychology masters or phd? how did they handle the research side of things?I can write essays, but not sure if I would be good at writing psych reports.

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  1. disculpatory says:

    Statistics is difficult, but not as difficult as, say, Calculus. You might try taking an undergrad Statistics course as a warm-up, just to see if it is something that you’d be able to get through. The other alternative is to look to areas other than psychology. I don’t know the Australian system, but here in Canada, there are certainly other professions which train therapists. Social work is one and, here, you can also get a degree in Marriage and Family Counselling. So you might expand your search for possible degrees which would allow you to work as a therapist. Good luck!