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Suggestions for a psychology research paper?

For my English 10 class, we are to write an Essay paper on a subject we would want as a future career. I chose psychology, but I can’t find any topics that would give me a good 4-6pg paper. If you took Psychology in college or in school, what topics did you write papers on? Any information would be helpful, thanks!

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  1. simball says:

    post traumatic stress syndrome is a very good subject especially when it is caused by domestic violence…hopes this helps! good luck

  2. locater says:

    you can do abnormal psychology, lots to choose from there. let’s see you can also do personality and the differnt theories associated with personality! I actually like the Introversion/Extroversion aspect of personality

  3. mushroomy says:

    I’m currently a Psychology major, and the most interesting subsections in Psychology are:1) Love> The connection of Flirtation with Emotional Maturity2) Depression> Factors prediposing a person to Depression.3) Racism> The racist experiences of Asians after the Virginia Tech incident.4) Romance> How do “crushes” develop?5) Schizophrenia> Do a case study on John Nash, a fmaous professor featured on “A Beautiful Mind”.6) Music> Rock Music and Families – Rock stars and the environment in which they grew up (you’ll find that a lot o rock stars had tough childhood).7) The MTV Generation and the explosion of Sexual intercourse among teens today.

  4. begrijp says:

    Why not perform an experiment and write your conclusions?How about observing people crossing a street and talking on cell phones, and seeing how well they are mindful of traffic?

  5. repeopled says:

    you should write on abnormal psychology. it’s really interesting, it involves like mental disorders and such.. try searching for abnormal psychology online, you’ll find some interesting stuff

  6. simonies says:

    I would always suggest a subject that your teacher is not too familiar with. That way any information you give is new, thus increasing the WOW factor. If you do a common topic in psychology, such as Depression, everyone knows so much about it, it seems like you did little to learn. I am currently working on my doctorate in Psychology, and really think the dissociative disorders are fascinating. These are the disorders where you have memory difficulty. In particular I think it would be interesting to talk about a Dissociative Fugue. You could compare it to the story Rip Van Winkle, and the runaway bride from a few years back (I forgot her name). Dissociative Fugue by the way (briefly) is when you forget who you are and take on another persona. For instance I would forget I am BagADonuts, psychology student, and for years be convinced I am John Smith, pizza maker. It would also allow for (if there is enough space) discussion of if this is a valid diagnosis or just an excuse to run away from your life. Hope that helps.

  7. jcclark says:

    brain damage leading to loss of short term memorystudies on bystander apathyaddiction of social ills gambling , internet, porn

  8. nuncle says:

    disorders, also if you watch x-files that might give you some ideas, they allways have alot of abnormal psych stuff on there, as for disorders, try ADHD ADD bi polar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, anxziety, sleep disorders, their are alot of things that you could do, if you want some more information or ideas msg me