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What are three lasting effects of prohibition in America?

I have an American history class and must write an essay on three lasting effects of prohibition

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  1. soursop says:

    I’m not real sure if I’m reading the angle on the question but what came out of prohibition which still “lasts’ today are the trucking industry and of course the alcoholic beverage industries and the last one which sounds kooky but NASCAR. During prohibition the alcohol was still brewed and rum runners delivered it while the “feds” tried to chase them down. When prohibition was lifted all the mechanisms were already in place since they had been doing it for years anyway… distribution and trucking, the breweries just expanded as they existed anyway and the sport of auto racing was born from the ones who once delivered the alcohol and had to drive like mad people to out run the cops (but they could make right turns if needed) I wrote a paper on this more than a few years ago so sorry for my fuzzy explanation but if that is some of what you were looking for believe me there is a lot of reference on the net to use for the subject in those areas. Hope it helps.