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Which of these topics would be best in an essay?

I• Feminism: how its effecting our lives • Global warming: what’s going to happen to us if we don’t make a change• Albinos in Africa: a big problem in Africa• Child labor: what’s happening to these poor children• Fashion: images of women in magazines, what is really happening to the women, and the influence it has on women and girls• Freedom of speech: the unfairness of it• Gay marriages: how lesbians and gays are discriminated against because of their choice• George W. Bush: wrongs and rights that he has done to the world• Hollywood’s influence, on people• Global Warming a myth: Why some people think that it’s a myth• Ivory trading and poachers: what happens to these poor animals• Minimum wage: how it affects the lives of the people who earn such a small amount of money to support their families• Models minimum weight: how dangerously thin many professional models are • Smoking: the influence it has on children• War in Iraq: good or badPlease feel free to add new ideas!

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  1. andylee says:

    Hollywood’s influence, on people

  2. tesserate says:

    Child labor: what’s happening to these poor children

  3. eryngoes says:

    Fashion: images of women in magazines, what is really happening to the women, and the influence it has on women and girlscoz you could talk about food disorders and how the media twists things