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HELP! with an essay on the odyssey?

i really need an example when Odysseus shows good communication skillsANDand i need another example where Odysseus shows quick wits ORwhere Odysseus shows a lack of quick wits

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  1. personize says:

    odysseus shows a lack of quick wits when he shouts his name to the cyclops. this event started all his problemsgood communication skills when he visits the kings houses and converses with them and gains new info

  2. coprahs says:

    Hey emilia, long time no talk/see or whatever fits. Yeah I just had the odyssey in English class too and now we’re watching the movie which is wayyyyy weird! Bt anyway to answer your questions:He has good comm skills bc in the entire Book XI (11) the one where he goes into Hades, he talks with the dead spirits, especially the blind seer Teiresias (pg 126), his mother (pg1 127-128), and Achilles (pg 133-135), to get answers to his many questions. Also in Book VII (7) – the palace of Alcinoos, he has good comm skills because he praises the king alcinoos and gets him to give him a ship to go home and lots of valuable items/treasure (pg 85-87).He has lack of wit in Book X (10) when he slept and his men opened the bag of winds that sent them back to Aiolus’ island (pg 112-113) and away from Ithaca. He also showed lack of wit in Book X (10) when they go to the “stronghold of Lamos, Laistrygonian” (pg 114) and some of his men were killed by the giant and his wife there. Also lack of wit when he fell asleep on the island of Helios and his men ate the sacred cows and they were punished by Zeus for it (144-147).Hey I hope this helps! =) Good luck!