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How should i end this essay?

Its on heroes, heres the 1st paragraph, because the whole essay wont fit on here.The word hero brings back your youngest memories of men in capes and spandex, with their trusty sidekicks and super-villain enemies and their duty to save the world from doom and evil. When I hear the word hero, I think of a short woman with curly red hair, oddly shaped glasses, and an unforgettable laugh. Her name is Mrs. Murph, my second grade teacher. There are many reasons why she is my hero for many reasons. My definition of a hero is someone who has good qualities and an amazing personality. A hero is someone you look up to, a role-model.

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  1. ridger says:

    A great way to conclude essays: consider three questions. What have I learned? What do you want the reader to do? How will this affect the future (or my future)? Choose one or all the questions and answer them in your final paragraph. By the way: using “I” in essays is a no-no.

  2. aglee says:

    I suggest that for your last line, restate the last line of the 1st par. then add your hero. finally, add some personal backround knowlodge. Read it and see if you like it.Just like I said, a hero is someone you look up to, a role model, and mine is Mrs. Murph. Or…A hero isn’t a person who can fly in the sky, or someone who has x-ray vision, it’ s a person who has good qualities and an amazing personality. If you met Mrs. Murph, you would understand why I call her “My Hero”.

  3. kande says:

    You have a terrific ending.You might though want to revise this sentence. “There are many reasons why she is my hero for many reasons”

  4. precisionist says:

    “There are many reasons why she is my hero for many reasons.” change it to “There are many reasons why she is my hero.”List 3 reasons in the first paragraph. Write one paragraph abuot each and back them up with evidence. My teacher told me to do it in this order: second strongest argument, weakest, and then strongest. By “strong” I mean how much evidence you have for it. The 5th paragraph should conclude.

  5. interchange says:

    The ending paragraph of a 5 paragraph essay is 5 sentences long. The first sentence sums up the idea. The second through the fourth sum up the idea of each of the middle three paragraphs. The last sentence is laying your point to rest.

  6. silkscreening says:

    so the question is not whether are not a hero can lift cars off people, or fly around and shoot bad guys, but whether or not the person has changed someone life forever, or do something amazing and never asking for something in return. Mrs.Murph showed me how to be a better person, and (whatever she did for you), and i thank her so much for being a true, real life, hero.=]

  7. mesochondrium says:

    This one-of-a-kind hero is my role model and I will never forget her.something like that

  8. elzzird says:

    that is a good ending

  9. tuohtiw says:

    Please, just end it any way you can