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Do most people believe that destiny is already chosen for you or you choose your own destiny?

Okay, so I have to write an essay about whether you can choose destiny or if destiny chooses you. The first paragraph is an introductory paragraph, the second is about you being able to choose your own destiny, the third paragraph is about destiny choosing you, the fourth is my opinion about the subject and the fifth is the conclusion. But what I need to have in this essay is some kind of percentage or some idea of whether people think they can choose destiny or if destiny chooses them... (does that make any sense?)for example: (25% of people think that destiny is already chosen for them, 75% of people think that they can choose their own destiny).

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  1. retroflexed says:

    I now believe that the God Yahweh chose my destiny for me.

  2. specs says:

    It’s both, black and white thinking is our curse.

  3. narehet says:

    Mark already said it,Destiny is a cooperative force.

  4. punctiliomonger says:

    It is important to work towards the Destiny that you want. And have faith in your higher power, that you can eventually reach that goal.

  5. counterattacked says:

    I believe we all manifest our own destiny, and a predetermined one sounds kinda sucky.

  6. pseudohermaphrodite says:

    You choose your own destiny. Choice is free will, and if you choose Jesus as your Lord and Savior, your destiny is heaven; but if you do not, your destiny becomes hell. We all have a choice to make which will affect our eternal destiny.

  7. grubstaked says:

    We all have free will.

  8. unblacked says:

    Everything that ever happened or will happen was determined nanoseconds after the Big Basng.