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Pros and Cons to weight lifting products?

I am currently writing an essay about weight lifting and products. I was hoping to get some good facts from people on here about the pros and cons of using products like pre-workout's, creatine, protein, steroids, synthetic steroids stuff like that. It would also very much help me to get peoples opinions on the subject of using products with weight lifting. For example, Do you think products for lifting is good or bad for you? should the legal stuff be illegal? things like that. Much appreciated!

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  1. impassableness says:

    Alright dude I got a tip for you. Go to wikipedia.com. Type in each of the product names you mentioned. You will most likely obtain better answers from there.

  2. skosh says:

    In today’s society, there is a great amount of emphasis placed on your physical appearance. Everyone desires the perfect body, however not many people are willing or able to put the time and effort in to achieve that status. So the search for an easy way out began. First there were anabolic steroids. People injected testosterone into their veins in order to increase the muscle mass-produced from weight lifting.You may use this essay to get some ideas for your paper

  3. airburst says:

    Well i think that using anything like creatine or protein shakes is bullcrap because your pretty much to me taking the easy way out and anything worth having isnt easy