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Need help with my essay! ten points best answer!?

i have to write an essay on why veterans should be honored. i honor our veterans very much and all, but i really want to win the contest and i need some ideas for why we should honor them! so far i have-they risked their lives for us-they left behind friends, family, schools/work, and freedom to fight for uswhat else can i write about?

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  1. laryngotracheotomy says:

    Do you have a personal story to share? Do you know anyone who is a veteran? If not then try to explore the topic on a smaller scale. Did a friend stick up for you? Do you know someone who is a lawyer who defends innocent people/ prosecutes guilty people? Try to relate this smaller scale incident to your essay. e.g When everyone was laughing at you your friend told them to shut up just like Veterans defend the country. People laughed at your friend but defending you was more important to her, just like defending the country is the top priority in te Veteran’s lives. You wouldn’t have far less confidence then you do now if your friend hadn’t stuck up for you, just like we wouldn’t be nearly as far as we are now if it wasn’t for the veterans.

  2. dewatering says:

    you could also mention about that it wasn’t just men who were veterans there were lady veterans too. have a look on wikepedia