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Help me pick a movie star?

Well my language arts teacher assigned us a project and we have to write a 5 paragraph essay on why a movie star should win an acadamy award. The movie star can be anymovie star and I want to pick some one thats done more than just acting and isn't that common. Everyone in my class is already doing people like Jim Carrey and Will Ferrellw and adam sandler. Please help. I can't think of anyone.

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  1. hyetographical says:

    Rachel McAdams. She’s absolutley amazing!Mean girls,Red eye,Wedding crashers,The family stone..The notebook,

  2. alcelaphine says:

    Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway are both AMAZING.They’re my favorite actresses.You should really look into them, they’re great.Good luck on your essay! :)

  3. airalam says:

    well u said it can be any1 YOU choose. u have a brain! use it!

  4. sebastie says:

    Amy Adams would be another good choice.She’s been inDoubt Miss Pettigrew Lives for a DaySunshine Cleaning (Comes out soon I think)Charlie Wilson’s War Enchanted

  5. assembling says:

    i think meryl streep should have got the OSCAR in the movie doubt. shes been acting for years.i also loveee johnny depp, i like how he becomes these characters outside his comfort zone.angelina jolie is good, you can say in girl interrupted or changeling.umm… kate winslet won the oscar award, shes very good too.al pacino… lolol hes great, i like his life story.heath ledger.

  6. preauthorized says:

    It helps if its on someone you really enjoy. Think about which movies you love and who had an amazing performance in them. You could look at sights like imdb.com to get brief bio’s and a list of everything they have performed in. Maybe you could choose a a new rising star that has had a performance that really touched you.

  7. taysaam says:

    Shia labeoufRobert PattinsonJosh HutchersonRupert Grint ( ron from harry potter )