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Help to identify what this question is really asking me?

I'm writing a college essay, but I'm not sure exactly what it wants from me. Going off to college means a lot of changes. How do you think college will affect or challenge your religious beliefs?I'm going to college locally, so i wouldn't be "going off to college" what exactly do they want from me? My beliefs won't change because I'm not going anywhere. Please help, thanks.

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  1. SHAWNTA says:

    Well if you aren’t going off, I think they are asking what entering college life might do you your religious beliefs. For instance you are going to meet new people possibly from all over the country who do or do not share in your views and you can respond with how they might affect your views. Or the fact that your life style might change so that you don’t have much time to practice your religion. Or you might change as a person because you may become more informed about your religion or another religion and your religious ties might become stronger or weaker. Hope this gets you started.

  2. typy says:

    They want to know even if you aren’t going away to school, how will it change the way that you are thinking now. Even a local college will challenge your way of thinking, you may be the most religious person in the world, or not, but college opens up new ideas for you. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going anywhere, you are leaving high school behind, and entering a whole new world where ideas and thoughts will open for you, and that’s what they want to know. What do you know now? And what are you going to learn and know your first semester in college?

  3. Muharram says:

    It’s not about where you’re going. The college experience may challenge your beliefs by exposing you to new knowledge and perspectives. If you take a biology class, you’ll learn about evolution, and maybe they didn’t teach that in your high school? You might also take a religious studies class at some point, and from that you could gain new appreciation for different religions and learn about different perspectives on your own religion. You might learn that various religions of the world have more in common than you thought. And not only that, but you’ll meet a lot of new people who may challenge your beliefs or expose you to new perspectives as well.College is a big change. You never know what could happen, so try to imagine what kinds of things could have an impact on your religious beliefs–not necessarily changing them, but perhaps even strengthening them.